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Why Choose WareDepot Fulfillment?

Nearly 49% of clients say same-day or next-day delivery makes them much more likely to shop again.

Increase Consumer Satisfaction

Same-Day/Next-Day Delivery

Offer same-day/next-day delivery to your clients via way of means of selecting a fulfillment center closest to their residence.

Increase Delivery Speed By Up To 40%

Choose a fulfillment center nearest to your consumer and provide quick delivery.

Industry-Standard Operations

With our fulfillment experts, enjoy seamless picking, and shipping & hand over an absolute damage-free package to your clients.

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency

Zero Weight Discrepancy

Find precise reviews of orders for which a weight dispute has been raised. We are right here that will help you keep time and money.

Reduce Shipping Costs By Up To 20%

Reduce shipping costs drastically via way of means of reducing the gap between the consumer’s house and your warehouse.

Decrease RTO By 60 %

With improved consumer pleasure attributable to on-time delivery of products, you may now deliver down your RTOs with the aid of using a big margin.

Faster Intra-City And Intra-Zone Shipping

Waredepot has fulfillment facilities throughout the country, making shipping inside cities and within zones tons faster.

Flexible Fulfillment Model

No further Warehouse Investment

Avoid investment in additional warehouse management infrastructure. With Waredepot fulfillment, invest that cash in alternative sides of your business.

Fast Onboarding

We tend to believe minimal work and avoid extended integration formalities. Connect with us and begin delivering orders to your customers fast.

Accommodate A Surge so as Volume

Waredepot Fulfillment can continually keep sufficient storage space for your inventory just in case of rising order volume.


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