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Hoardings or billboards influence consumer decisions largely. Hoarding advertisements serve as a constant reminder of the brand. The media, because of its placement and its size cannot be missed by the people out of home for work or pleasure or otherwise, Shubindia is the leading OOH advertising specialist offering hoarding advertising services across the length and breadth of the country with media ownership primarily in Mumbai, Pune and its connecting cities around Maharashtra. What differentiates us from others is that not only do we cater to the exact client requirements, keeping in mind the latest trends in this space of advertising but also do "DELIVER what we PROMISE" every single time. A Brand advertised through outdoor media gets a higher ROI. Our Hoardings at prime locations give phenomenal visibility to the brand and its services.

Hoardings Ooh Advertising Available Pan Maharashtra

FAQ’s for Outdoor Hoarding and Billboards - Shubindia

What is Outdoor Advertising ?

All forms of advertising which is carried out outdoors, eg. Outdoor Hoardings, outdoor billboards, various Transit media advertising like Bus Branding, Train advertising, Car branding, Pole kiosk advertising, Gantry Ads etc. comes under category of “Outdoor Advertising”.

What is the main form of Outdoor Advertising ?

Outdoor Hoardings are considered as Traditional form of Advertising which is highly relevant in today’s times as well. Other options of outdoor advertisement in India are Transit Media, Tech Park Ads, and Bus Shelters etc.

What are Hoardings?

Hoardings are big size display boards which you often see on the roadside. Hoardings provide ad spaces to advertisers to showcase their products and services and are usually owned by Private players, Government Municipal bodies, various corporates etc.

Are all the roadside Hoardings are legal?

No. There are many illegal Hoardings that have come up in Indian cities. Government Municipal corporations continuously work to address the menace of illegal Hoardings in order to safeguard the interests of genuine media owners who pays legitimate taxes to the government.

What are the parameters that decide rentals of outdoor Billboards / Hoardings?

Prices of hoardings in INDIA are decided by location, size, lit/non-lit, number of footfalls in vicinity or the traffic etc.

How can I book Hoardings online?

Shubindia.com is a platform that gives you the facility to check the prices of the Hoardings in India, location of the Hoardings, the size and the type of Billboard before booking them online. Please contact us at + 91 901126970 to check the availability of the Hoardings you have selected.

How do we know whether a particular Hoarding is available for the tenure I am looking out?

Shubindia will provide you campaign start and end date images. We also provide paid monitoring service in case client need continuous monitoring of the Outdoor Media on display.

How much does it cost to advertise on hoardings?

Average cost of advertising on Hoardings depends on many parameters like, the locality of the Hoardings, Size of the Billboard, whether it is lit or Non-Lit, time of year when the ad has to be placed. Usually rates are high during festive season when various brands have more marketing budget to improve their sales figures.

What is the minimum period for which a hoarding can be booked?

It again depends on various factors. Usually average size Holdings are booked for a normal period of one month however there are Billboard sites which are located on very premium locations and come up with a very huge amount for advertising, are also available to be booked for single one day, weekly etc.

What is different between Lit and Non-Lit billboards / hoardings ?

Lit hoardings are the ones which are illuminated by electricity during late evening and night hours so that they are visible to people who you see them during night as well. Non-Lit hoardings on the other hand are the ones which have good visibility only during the day, but don’t provide much impact during the night it in absence of electricity.

What is the difference between Front Lit and Backlit hoardings?

Front Lit Hoardings are illuminated using bulbs/LED that are placed in front of the Billboard and flashes light on the Hoarding, However in case of backlit Hoardings the source of light is behind the Hoarding rather than in front.

What are the costs involved in a booking of Outdoor Hoardings advertisement space?

Are the prices mentioned above final? Total rental comprises of Rental + Printing + Mounting + Taxes (Monitoring Extra). The rentals for hoarding in Maharashtra are subject to changes depending on various factors. We encourage you to contact Shubindia at +91 9011126970 or drop us an email at sales [at] shubindia.com to confirm final rates.

Who will take care of printing and mounting of creative that will be installed on the hoardings?

Shubindia.com will be happy to be your End-to-End advertisement partner. We take care from designing to printing to mounting of billboards. For complete services, we want to ensure your ad campaign goes live without any glitches and provide you the maximum ROI for your investments on marketing.

What is the minimum quantity to be ordered if we want to book billboards in India for advertising our brand?

Usually a single Hoarding can be booked for advertising purposes.

What happens in case the Billboard gets damaged due to natural phenomena like Rain, Thunderstorm or Floods? Who has to bear the damage?

In case of natural disasters when the add on display Hoardings get damaged, Client have to bear printing and mounting charges and “Advertisement” can be displayed for the booked space until rental period ends, without any issues.

Can we change the creative during the campaign is live?

Yes. The ad creative can be changed while the campaign is live. However printing and mounting charges has to be additionally borne by the client for the same. Minimum campaign duration in such cases is 1 month.

Can outdoor advertising agency offer discounts for long term advertising campaigns?

Yes. You may ask shubindia.com representative for offers in case the Hoarding campaign in Maharashtra is more than 3 months.

How do I know which advertisement media is suited best for my brand promotion in entire Maharashtra?

Shubindia provide end to end brand promotion services ranging from Target audience identification to Ad planning, Media selection to campaign execution and monitoring services to report submission.