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Transit Media Advertising

Transit media advertising is a mass media marketing tool that mainly use public transport to display an advertisement such as displays on buses, autos, cabs, trains, or any transportation mode that consumers use to travel during the course of a day. The idea of transit advertising is not only promoting a product or service outside the vehicle but also consist of displays placed inside the vehicles. Transit is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages and backgrounds. In the last few years Transit media advertising has become more popular than ever.

Transit Advertising can be done in two ways:

  1. Indoor Transit Advertising: In indoor transit advertising the displays are placed inside the vehicle, the display can be static such as banners, posters, flexes, leaflet, boards etc. or it can be video and audio advertisements.

  2. Outdoor Transit Advertising: In outdoor transit advertising the displays are placed on the outer surface of vehicles. Outdoor transit works well for promoting your product without any geographical boundaries.


Why go for Transit Advertising?

Visibility: With the advancement in technology in the last few years, transit advertisements have become more innovative, colourful, eye catching and interactive which is very helpful in grabbing the attention of day to day commuters.

No Geographical Boundaries: Unlike most other advertising mediums that are stationed at a particular location transit advertising is not restricted to any specific geographical location. It can cover a large distance thus targeting a larger number of people at different locations. The mobility factor definitely gives it an edge over the other mediums.

Exposure: With transit advertising, a brand gets exposed to a considerably wider geographical area thus it helps in getting a larger audience acquainted with the brand within a short span of time. One might be able to ignore or skip online ads and TV commercials but transit advertising does get their attention. Besides this, most people travel on a regular basis thus the brand might also get the benefit of repeated exposure leading to better recall.

Cost effective: Transit advertising covers a larger audience at the same time therefore the average cost per customer is significantly low in respect to the impact that it creates. Other than this, since it covers multiple locations, the brand does not need to incur a separate cost for advertising in different locations.

Target oriented: Transit advertising allows you to geographically target your audience. This is especially beneficial for local advertisers. They can select the areas that they would like to target and accordingly they can advertise through the transit mediums that run in those particular locations.

Flexibility: Transit advertising provides greater flexibility in terms of location, size of the ads as well as budget. The advertisers can choose from a wide range of options and select the option that best fits their brand.

The ample of advertising options in Transit Media

There are various Transit Media advertising options in India:

Auto Branding: Auto Rickshaw Branding has seen a significant increase in its prominence across India. Auto Branding can be the perfect choice for your brand for its wide visibility and greater reach in every nook and corner.

Tricycle Branding: Tricycle branding is an extremely effective as well as efficient medium for advertising. Being a newer and more innovative medium, it can easily grab attention of the passers-by even from a distance.

Bus Branding: Buses have also emerged as a very effective and impactful medium for advertising across a wide geographical area. Bus branding has various benefits for advertisers. Because of the large size of such ads, they can easily stand out to the viewers.

Cab Branding: Cab Branding is an emerging advertising medium that has been gaining prominence recently in India. These advertisements can be seen by all whether they are the travellers riding the cabs or the passers-by. With their large viewership they can bring in significant results.

Train Branding: Advertising on trains can significantly increase visibility for any brand with the huge number of people traveling by trains back and forth every day. Train Branding involve advertising on intercity and suburban trains as well the local trains.

Road Show Branding: Road show branding is an interactive advertising format in which Mobile Vans are used to promote a brand and its products in the market. Road shows are extremely effective in increasing not just brand awareness but also product knowledge among the target audience.

Why hire Shubindia Ad Works for Transit Media Advertising?

“The name says it all”

Shubindia Ad Works is an emerging and fastest growing advertising agency started its journey in the year 2013. Shubindia is the one stop solution to provide best services and accomplished advertising techniques to have remarkable transit media campaigns all over the nation. We have as many years of experience in media buying, planning and execution and can provide high quality services with comparatively lower rates. Team Shubindia has served thousands of clients and helped them in promoting their brands and reach the target audience successfully.

We deliver plenty of transit media options across India so you can create an advertising and marketing campaign that best fits your message, brand and budget.

Team Shubindia is a talented and well experienced group of people who provide a focused and to the point assistance to their clients and works with the motive of providing high quality services that combines creativity and value pricing.

So what are you waiting for, the best transit advertising plan is just a few clicks away.

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