Get the best price on standard editions or choose from our curated discounted packages for publishing ads in Pune newspapers. Simply choose the newspaper of your choice, then select the ad category, proceed to compose ads and pay with multiple options like a credit card, debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking etc. You can choose from a variety of categories i.e. Announcement, Astrology, Business, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Jobs And Recruitment, Lost And Found, Marriage Bureau, Matrimonial, Name Change, Notice And Tender, Obituary, Other, Personal, Property, Remembrance, Retail, Services, Situation Wanted, To Let, Travel, Vehicles And Auto, Wedding Planners - is the best online platform to publish an ad in Pune newspapers.

We provide advertisements in newspapers mentioned below:-


Maharashtra Times


Times of India





Economic Times

Indian Express



Shubindia is Authorized Advertising Agency to book advertisements for popular newspapers like Sakal, Maharashtra Times, Navarashtra, Times of India, Pudhari, Navabharat, Lokmat, Mirror, Economic Times, Indian Express, Loksatta, Saamana, and other Newspapers in Pune, Mumbai and Rest of Maharashtra.


Frequently asked questions about Newspaper Advertising

Why will you book advertisement with us?

Free designing of your advertisement Expert advice on selecting the right publication, category and media channel Easy and convenient way of booking ads as our executive collects the information from your office/home. Advertising within your budget.

Why will you register with us?

Shubindia informs about a regular update of special discounts and packages via email. Make sure, it’s not a force!

What kind of advertisement we accept?

We accept print media ad (text classifieds, display classifieds and display ads) TV commercials, and radio on-air spots.

What is classified text ad and how is it different from classified display ad?

Classified text ads contain plain text information without any visuals. Classified display ad contains images and outer border for higher visibility and greater impact.

Can I place my ad from any place in India?

Yes! You can surely place your ad from any place in India as per your desirable location and publication.

What is the ideal time to place an ad?

Shubindia recommends clients to place ad orders before its publishing date. Preferably, three-to-four days prior to the release date of the ad as there are times when you are unable get the proper category if you want to release it on an immediate basis.

Can I get the preferred location and page for my advertisement?

There is no commitment of location and page number in the text classified and display classified ads. You can fix the location and page number only in display ads.

How will I come to know that my ad is being displayed?

We are here to inform you when your ad will be displayed, via email or phone.

How can I find my ad in the newspaper?

You can check out your advertisement in the E-Paper of publications. It is really easy to check your classified ad and display ads as we show the all three types of ads.

Do you also provide the advertisement services to clients outside India?

Yes, we also offer print advertisement and online advertisement services outside India.