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  • Metro Station advertising can be done in many ways - viz. Advertising on inside & outside metro trains, via billboard advertising on platforms, high definition digital screens (both inside and on the stations), train wraps, static media, median junction advertising, ticket advertising, etc.

    It is an ideal medium to reach higher middle class & working professionals. It has the potential to create a huge impact on any brand. It gives a golden opportunity for brands to take advantage of a wide audience base, as the Pune Metro is slated to connect Swargate, Kothrud, PCMC, etc.

    Another advantage is the strong psychographic profile that emerges out of these ads. We can understand the personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of the Customers.

    Metro Train advertisements get an excellent audience viewership. It could be as high as 40 minutes.


       Advantages Of Metro Advertising?

  • Giant moving billboards make sure that your brand message captures people's attention.

  • High visibility determines that people actually read the advertisement, unlike skipping ads on TVs and using ad-blockers on the internet.

  • As 2/3 of metro passengers are daily passengers, metro wraps effectively reinforce the message, increasing brand awareness. So the next time when a person goes to buy something, your brand image will come into his mind first.

  • With travel time lasting from a couple of minutes to 1.5 hours, the impact your advertisement has on people is unparalleled.

  • Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement and the holy grail of any marketing campaign.

Metro Bridge Panel

        What Is Metro Station Bridge Panel Advertising?

  • In recent times Metro Bridge Panel Advertisements are becoming one of the most popular OOH media. Due to its wide appeal and prime location presence Metro Bridge Panels has found good use in the advertising domains. For advertisement, Metro bridge panels are basically used by all kinds of FMCG companies, cellular operators, property giants, etc.

       How Metro Bridge Panel Is Used For Advertising?

  • For advertisement, Metro bridge panels can be used by installing hoardings at the bridge panels. Iron base or aluminum frame can be used for installation purposes.

    Metro bridge panel advertisements are visible from a very long distance because of their large size and their positioning. They can be used as a backlit or can have round-the-clock significance.

    To convey the advertising messages to a large mass of people in metro cities Metro Bridge panel advertisements prove very beneficial.

       Why To Hire OOH Advertising Agency To Use Metro Bridge Panel Outdoor Advertisement?

  • A professional OOH outdoor advertising agency always takes care in choosing the correct place for Digi Pod with maximum visibility of the services/product. It reduces the advertising cost and takes care of any wear and tear.


We are the metro station advertising agency that has media which includes station branding partner, OOH Media inside the station, Advertising on Train ( Wrapping ) Retail & Commercial area inside station and OOH Media for external civil structures.

There are all type of media on above mentioned metro stations i.e. Wall Wraps, Platform Panels, Bridge Panels, Pillar Signages, Duct Panels, Unipoles, FOBs etc.

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