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Covid-19 new restrictions: What’s open, what’s closed in Pune

A swamp of new Covid-19 protocols has caused confusion as to what's allowed and not allowed in Pune. Take a look at the full Covid-19 new protocols here.

With a consistent uptick in daily cases and fatalities, India’s covid-19 resurgence has hit Pune hard resulting in the city imposing strict restrictions for a week from April 3. To top this, Maharashtra introduced state wide restrictions till April 30, imposing complete lockdown on weekends from Friday 8 pm till Monday 7 am.

A swamp of new Covid-19 protocols has caused confusion as to what’s allowed and not allowed in the parameters of the city. We take a look at the new Covid-19 restrictions to be followed in Pune.

Things not allowed in Pune

  • All shops, Markets and Malls to remain close throughout the day except for essential services

  • Schools, Colleges and Coaching Classes

  • All private offices except for financial, Telecom, Electric supply, Pharmaceutical company offices and Industrial units

  • PMPML public transport bus service

  • No dine in at Eateries, Restaurants, Beer Bars

  • Cinema halls, Drama theatres and auditoriums

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Video Game parlors

  • Gym, Swimming Pools, Sports Complex, Clubs

  • All religious places

  • Religious, Political, Social, Cultural functions

  • Swimming pool, club house and Gym in Housing societies

  • Prohibitory orders on no more than 5 people to move together or gather in any public place from 6 am to 6 pm

  • Rest of the period from 6 pm to 6 am no one to move in public place without valid reasons of by permission

  • Barber shops, Spas, Salons and Beauty Parlors

Things allowed in Pune

  • Essential commodity shops like Medical stores, Grocery, Vegetable shops, Marketyard and vegetable market, Dairies and Milk delivery

  • Take away orders, Parcel service and home delivery of cooked food from Eateries, restaurants from 7 am to 8 pm

  • All government offices with 50 percent attendance

  • All financial, Telecom, Electric supply, Pharmaceutical company offices

  • Auto Rickshaw with 2 passengers, Taxi with 50 percent vehicle capacity, Private Buses only with full seating occupancy and no standing passengers

  • State Transport bus service, Railways, Air travel

  • Travel for Class Ten and Twelve students during examination

  • Coaching classes for competitive examinations with 50 percent sitting capacity

  • Marriages with maximum of 50 people

  • Funerals with maximum of 20 people

  • Residential hotels, lodges

  • Industrial units to run with normal capacity while making transport arrangement for staff

  • Newspaper printing and distribution

  • Pre-monsoon activities by local authorities

  • Transport of Goods

  • Agriculture related services

  • E-commerce

  • Accredited Media

  • Gardens to be opened only in the morning

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