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Acquire skills of the future, Now ...... !!!!

Corona pandemic may be a transformational milestone within the journey of mankind. the present lockdown isn't just a hiatus, but an extended state of diminished activities. It’s a test on the person – the social animal, to prove its ability to survive under conditions of prolonged isolation.

A lot has changed overnight in terms of lifestyle, economy, politics and health. almost fifty days back.

The current decade will always be referred to as the corona transition introduce the annals of history. this is often the time when confusion has gained more mileage than the virus itself! Once I speak to people, it becomes evident that the majority of folks are scared. On a more in-depth analysis, I realise that folks are generally not scared of dying from this pandemic. Most folks are hopeful that Corona may impact their neighbour but not them! But yes, the larger worry for the bulk of the people is that the UNCERTAINTY!

Not having the ability to seem into the longer term and make decisions may be a killing concern. Students aren't sure about their education, the transition to higher academic institutions, job prospects etc. Many students placed through campus interviews have received regrets, withdrawals, pushback notices from their prospective employers. Employees haven't any idea if subsequent salary will hit their checking account. Leave aside money, most of them are under severe threat of becoming unemployed. Especially those within the aviation, hospitality, tourism, retail, entertainment, F&B sectors. Even manufacturing & construction sectors are likely to ascertain an enormous dent in their capacity utilisation. Already the news of furloughs, pay cuts, occupy home (not work from home) has occupied the social media grape wine. On top of it, depressing news from various sources is making things all the more onerous. News elements like Corona will never get away, or that the second wave of the virus could be deadlier are scary. Expert predictions like countries GDP might go negative is giving goosebumps to policymakers. As per one newspaper report, the cases of psychological state patients are on a steep rise. Even within families, one may find a prevalent sort of stress and an unexplained behavioural disturbance in many of its members.

Make the way forward better:

At this moment, nobody could be in a position to supply a reliable plan of action to sustain within the times to return. However, some useful insights can make the way forward better. Here are a couple of pointers with an intent to form life easy for all:

1. Acceptance – the primary and therefore the foremost virtue which must sip into our soul is acceptance. Accept that the days have changed and believe that a better future is evolving. The ‘Why me’ and ‘Why now’ mindset won't sail us across this sea of turbulence.

2. Patience – When during a slump, speak less and understand more patiently. Be it the necessity to accumulate new business or to form a way for happiness at homes. In essence, patience in altogether aspects of life has become an undeniable and mandatory virtue.

3. Empathy – I understand that employers of all sizes, ‘one employee unit’ to those that have lacks of individuals on board are under tremendous financial stress. However, any decisions today must evolve out of the underlying principle of empathy. this is often the time to realize trust and show compassion, the maximum amount because it could also be possible.

4. Specialise in learning – Most of our inculcated ‘life lessons’ might sound irrelevant within the times to return. all folks must get into the unlearning & fresh re-learning cycle. Gone are the times of extended teaching sessions, day-long training events etc. Tomorrow might require quick, crisp and focussed lessons. Theoretical preachers will lose ground, field-level experienced professionals are going to be looked towards for guidance! It's time for every one among us to wear the training specks.

5. Intuition and not just prediction – the most important challenge for us is ‘decision making. ‘Analogical prototyping’ and ‘extrapolating from the past, might not be the proper way ahead. Predictive analysis integrating human intuition is going to be more fruitful. during this era, the tool of Manifestation (Meditation + Manifestation) shall be the foremost reliable interface.

6. Skills – the talents of tomorrow might not mirror those being offered by the institutions of today. Time to remain aware and updated about the longer-term shift. Why not we acquire future skills now!

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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