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Future of DOOH Advertising in India

What is DOOH Advertising?

I am sure you must have heard of DOOH Advertising in India if you have not been living under a rock. To decode DOOH Advertising we should first understand Out of Home (OOH) Advertising. OOH Advertising is traditional outdoor advertising. Typical OOH formats include billboards, shop ads, On-car ads etc.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising is simply the addition of Digital elements in OOH advertising. DOOH is interactive advertising empowered by digital channels that are displayed in public places.

Worldwide DOOH spend trend

Spend on digital out of home advertising (DOOH) is expected to grow 10.1% each year between 2017 and 2027, accounting for the entirety of growth in the out of home (OOH) market as spend on traditional sites begins to decline from next year.

In spite of having been in the market for a while now, it is only in the last couple of years that the trend of Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has taken the market by storm. The DOOH spend is expected to cross 4 billion in 2020 for USA. Whereas in India, as per the PMAR (PITCH MADISON ADVERTISING REPORT) report, DOOH merely accounts for 3-5% of the OOH industry’s overall revenue.

Future on DOOH

However, the future is looking bright and Industry experts estimate that the DOOH market could grow by 20-25% over the next five years, or more than double the rate of the total OOH market, but some observers are even more optimistic.

The major growth driver for DOOH is flexibility, which allows Advertisers to change commercials on to go, saving time and money on printing and mounting the hoardings.

Infrastructure developments and technology enhancements will also boost this sector. Factors such as an increase in airports and travellers, upcoming retail spaces, technology advancement with increased penetration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies and ease of their deployment, targeted campaigns and offers through integration with social media and mobile, plus accurate measurability of Digital OOH, will aid its rapid growth going forward.

The quality of DOOH Ads will be unparalleled as more data and intelligence is going to be clubbed in. It will be extremely attractive for brands which will be able to get viewer estimation reports on a real-time basis to understand campaign effectiveness.

The growth will be further fueled by Indian Government’s permissions for installation of digital signages in public spaces.


Digital out-of-home is growing in importance for digital advertisers. Indeed, with so many positive integrations, and links with new or existing technologies, it offers exciting possibilities. More and more advertisers – local and multinational – will embrace the format too.

We’re on the verge of a new OOH paradigm in which the efficiency, flexibility, targeting and dynamic nature of Digital Out of Home will allow the medium to deliver audiences in ways that we’re only beginning to fully understand. The next few years will be an exciting time as infrastructure is developed and refined, as we enhance our own skills, and as emerging platforms and tech become more consolidated and integrated into our existing media planning systems.


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