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5 Misconceptions about Outdoor Advertising Industry

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

pune hoardings

1. It only comprises billboards/hoarding advertising.

No, not at all! Outdoor Advertising is an abbreviation for Out Of Home and it encompasses advertising done in any form outside our homes and workplaces. Building wraps, cab and bus advertising, bus shelter ads, airport ads, and railway station advertising, standees, led digital screens – this list is only inclusive and not exhaustive!

2. It is expensive.

The price for OOH advertising is determined by the primacy of the location where it is done. Locations like major crossings and markets may demand higher rates but they pay off much more in terms of exposure to the ad. In the districts and towns, taxes are considerably low and charges are so negligible that the deal is hard to miss if your target population is found there. The mode of OOH advertisements also influences the price, for instance, a kiosk costs less than a hoarding in the same place.

outdoor advertising

3. It is only beneficial for big brands or corporations.

While OOH advertising is popular among big brands and corporations, it is likely effective for all types and sizes of business houses, corporates. As long as target-based advertising is done, it is sure to be to your benefit, irrespective of your business. For instance, billboards for a local café, just 10 minutes away from it may drive passers-by into it.

4. It has to be done on a monthly/yearly basis.

Since we see the same advertisements on our regular routes, it is a common notion that OOH media is taken on a long-term basis. But, outdoor advertisements for certain events, fairs, and exhibitions may not be put up for an entire month. A week or a few days before the event serves the purpose. Rates in such cases are given on (pro - rata) per day basis. Local businesses could use this to evaluate the return hoarding advertising could give them.

hoardings advertising

5. The industry is well organized.

Well, in a country like India, to the Advertising Industry players this will definitely sound like a joke. The OOH advertising industry is absolutely fragmented. There are no standardized rates and trading affects the prices heavily. This makes it necessary that quotes be taken from more than 1 media house. Try Shubindia Ad Works an initiative to bring transparency in the industry, for direct media buying!


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