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10 Facts About Newspaper Advertisements

Newspaper Advertising

In these fast-moving times let us look at some fascinating facts about this traditional medium of advertising.

1. Newspapers still print the highest number of advertisements every day despite its new competition, the digital media.

2. Even during the social media era consumers are more likely to find an advertisement genuine if it’s in their favourite newspaper. So wondering why your advertising has such low customer conversion? Try giving a newspaper ad next time.

Newspaper advertisements

3. For legal purposes such as a name change or court notices. Newspaper advertisements are a must. No other platform can get the job done in the eye of the law.

4. Nearly one-third of the literate population in India read a newspaper daily.

5. The first paid newspaper advertisement was printed on May 8, 1704, an announcement selling real estate on Oyster Bay, Long Island.

6. For people searching for a life partner, newspapers are still the most popular medium to advertise. So if you are done searching on those millions of dating apps why not give this old advertising platform a try? Like they say old is gold!

7. As of December 2018, Dainik Bhaskar no.1 newspaper in India had 4,320,781 readerships strength everyday.

8. Newspapers still offer the largest number of categories to choose from when it comes to advertising. Yes, even more than social media advertising.

9. Rs.80 yes! That’s the minimum amount of money you would need to give a newspaper advertisement. It does not only offer you a huge audience but also cost-effectiveness. The classified page is designed specifically to meet a small budget advertisement. Sure a video advertisement on a social media platform looks amazing. But that is not cost-effective and with a small budget you can never put out an advertisement on those fancy platforms but newspapers give you the freedom to advertise staying in your budget to a broader audience.

10. And lastly, this oldest medium of advertising is not stuck in a time frame it’s changing itself with changing times offering an e-paper format in which you may also advertise. Giving readers the digital experience without taking away the feel of reading a newspaper.

Even in this changing times newspapers remain the number advertising platform in India. It continues to thrive, flourish and evolve itself with the new age.Visit to know more!

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