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Planning a successful advertising strategy in India ?

Media planning is a mix of serious businesses. Matching the product and message to the right platform(s) increases your reader engagement. Achieving this result while optimizing costs is the challenge every advertising agency faces. Although any good campaign solution should appear perfect in the end, bringing these nodes together requires many steps that a professional operation refines for its clients.

Strategy: Conceptualizing the right strategy to optimize your reach requires not only a understanding of the potential of different media types, but also the message. The choice of platforms then serves as a bridge to achieve the campaign goals.

Research: Finding all available options and knowing the best options in terms of reach and cost effectiveness is critical to optimizing messaging and a necessary prerequisite. Prepare for the next step.

Negotiation: The signing of the agreement requires all the research and work invested in the previous steps to get the best portals for message delivery from the range of options available in the market.

Logistics: While concise creative material is the foundation of a good campaign, it is important to acquire the technical knowledge to distribute it across platforms in terms of fine-tuning time and place to achieve potential message impact and ROI .

Follow up: Resolving inconsistencies or changes between platforms requires building a relationship with platform providers. The last stretch to reach the goals requires strength and finesse.

The how and why of these decisions depends on an agency's approach and understanding of the industry. Media planning and advertising is a delicate balancing act from start to finish. A professional house like Shubindia can simplify this process for you with it's experience of years and a solid understanding of different media platforms and optimize your space-cost ratio; This ensures your message gets a bigger piece of the canvas for expression and engagement. Why Shubindia Ad Works? Media Planning Agency Process – The basic purpose of our media plans is to determine the best way to deliver a message to your Target Audience. Our media planning establishes a systematic process that synchronizes all elements that contribute to the achievement of a specific goal. It can be divided into 4 phases: strategy planning with market and competition analysis, goal setting for media planning, strategy development, implementation for media and advertising planning in India, Media planning agency with assessments, follow-up and campaign extensions.

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