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Digital Marketing

They say that the only constant thing in the world is change. Indeed, everything in the world changes – including customer behavior. In fact, 78 percent of active internet users research about products online first before committing to buy. Consumers have shifted their purchasing ways from manual to digital these days. And this means, brands should cater to this demand through a well-designed digital strategy.

Almost all marketers in this day and age probably have a handful of digital marketing strategies in place. And that’s because online advertising can move mountains for brands, regardless of the industry. How? Here are five reasons why digital marketing can propel business growth.

Boost brand awareness

The digital space acts as a neutral ground for both new businesses and established corporations. It levels the playing field by giving equal opportunities for all types and levels of businesses. For instance, paid advertising doesn’t rank companies that pay more. However, through other factors such as quality, any startup can rank even higher than established brands, provided that they have better quality in their landing pages or content.

That being said, digital marketing can undeniably boost brand awareness. Marketers know that digital marketing campaigns should revolve around the AIDA model. Without this sales funnel, advertisers won’t know if they’re reaching their goals or not. The AIDA model means:

  • Awareness – Introducing products and services to target audiences

  • Interest – Establishing interest by creating well-structured ads

  • Desire – Making your products and services more desirable

  • Action – Encouraging target audiences to take action

Increase engagement

Marketers should define their target audience to be able to target the right people. Without knowing who to target, advertisements will be futile. Once you know your audience’s demographics, and psychographics, you’ll know which channels you can reach them.

For instance, if your target audience is business professionals, then you can create ads on LinkedIn. This social media channel caters to mostly business owners, young professionals, or fresh graduates. When you know which channels to use and how to communicate with your target audience, you’ll surely increase engagement.

More targeted advertising

The upper hand of using digital marketing strategies is that advertisers and agencies like Treasure Valley SEO can track, monitor, and modify their marketing campaigns. Through analytics, advertisers can set parameters on who to show their ads to.

With this feature, advertisers won’t only save on costs, but will also ensure that they show their online ads to people who will likely be interested in their products or services.


Without a doubt, digital marketing is undeniably more cost-efficient than traditional forms of advertising. For instance, in billboard advertising, companies need to pay for advertising space for a limited time only. This fee is somewhat fixed, depending on several factors.

On the other hand, digital marketing lets advertisers control their advertising spend. Through various settings and advertising features, marketers can set their daily, weekly, or even lifetime budget. Plus, advertisers like Shubindia have the flexibility to quickly adjust their ad design, feature, and placement depending on viewer reception. If they think that their online ads aren’t bringing in traffic, they can make changes to their next online marketing campaign.


Digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective forms of modern-day advertising. When you leverage online advertising, you’re tapping into more than half of the world’s population. Overall, you’re putting your brand out there for all the world to see.

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